The Dealer Blueprint For Success With Automotive SEO

It goes without saying that the auto industry is very competitive with huge marketing budgets and huge revenues monthly. Given that, you would expect that auto dealers would have a dealer blueprint for success with their internet marketing strategies. Surprisingly most of the dealers are in the dark when it comes to the one key aspect of their online success, Dealer SEO or Dealer Search Engine Optimization.

How many people actually use the internet to search for cars though? Is it really that necessary for dealers to excel online? Do they really need to follow a Dealer Blueprint for internet marketing? The numbers are maybe the most impressive for a local industry. Over 80 percent of auto buyers shop and research online for their vehicle purchases! Quite obviously, dealers have to find a way to get ranked on page one for their products and services locally.

Dealer Rankings – SEO or PPC

As with all businesses auto dealers have two ways to get placement on page one of the search engines, where 90% of the clicks occur: SEO or PPC (Pay Per Click). Let’s start out with PPC because that is where most dealers put their online marketing budgets and thus their hopes to get on page one. With PPC, a dealer is running a short term strategy that is very vulnerable to external factors. Most prevalent is the risk that another competitor can outbid them for their most important keyword terms.

If this happens a dealer has to just accept defeat or start bidding higher than they wanted to for those keywords. Neither scenario is a great option, but that is the nature of the beast. Oh by the way, the Pay Per Click sponsored ads get about 10-20% of the total clicks to share amongst all the competing ads. Conversely the natural or organic listings on the left side get the lion’s share of the clicks with upwards of 90% of that market share.

Dealer SEO – Follow a Dealer Blueprint to Success

For Dealer SEO most auto dealers depend on their web vendor to do their SEO for them. Unfortunately they end up in a situation where their web vendor could be working for them AND their competitors right in their own back yard. In that scenario they end up without a competitive advantage and an SEO service that everyone with a good web vendor has access to.

Dealer SEO is so competitive and it needs to have a Dealer Blueprint of success to really separate a dealer from its competitors locally. Otherwise they are all doing the same thing. A solid blueprint will follow a success strategy for Off-Page Optimization that truly sets them apart from their competitors. Link building is another term for Off-Page Optimization. With link building you are creating hundreds if not thousands of relevant links outside of your own site, pointing back to your site. The search engines love this and consequently reward dealer sites that do this. There is much more to learn on this and many more concepts to cover than I have space for in this particular article. But I will leave you with two important points to understand.

  1. The number one position in the natural listings of Google gets about 40% of the total clicks. Think being number one is important?
  2. The top ranking Dealers from around the country follow a Dealer Blueprint that uses Dealer SEO and Off-Page Optimization to dominate their local competitors online.

First Contact – OPEL Antara

Late they are to the Opelaner and nevertheless first. Because still before VOLKSWAGEN and Ford bring them as German volume manufacturers in the segment of the compact SUV many undirected time equipment on the still growing market. After first test travels approximately around Athens we can afford a first classification in the competition surrounding field.

The OPEL Antara provided as study ,,Antara GTC “in Frankfurt (2003) for powerfully eddies. Ferris wheels and a small tail, a strongly dropping roof line and butterfly doors. And everything for the caper list: Our tested series well tare (2-Liter Diesel and 3,2-Liter V6 Benziner) roll on 18-Zoll wheels with tires of the dimension 235/55. The tail is still knackig, but the roof line is a combination. And there are four completely normal doors.

Sobered up

So far to the first disillusionment. When entering equal second: The head restraints are too short for my 189 centimeters. Otherwise I find rapidly a good seating position, the steering wheel am adjustable in wide ranges and two levels and the control elements of the center console lie well to the hand.

A little chrome finish here, wood trim there and something aluminum obendrauf give to the interior a gediegenen character deflected with leather. Three round ventilation nozzles underline the parting in the OPEL interior Design from the strict lines of a Astra or a Vectra: Now it becomes more wohnlicher.

Driving lessons

But to draw in I do not want into the Antara, on the contrary it interests me whether he also drives himself like an OPEL. Me terms schwirren such as IDS, sporty-direct steering element and jagged Kurvenverhalten by the head, but suspect I secretly that I have here no competitor BMW of the X3 before me.

And then like that the first exit is in 150 HP the Diesel (127 HP of version after-pushed) also cosier as ,,S “in ,,SUV “suggested. The Commonrail Diesel hums vernehmlich, but pulls it starting from 2.000 revolutions more wacker loosely – 320 Newtonmeters line up over the 5-Gang the transmissions to the drive wheels to be led.

Automatic all wheels

That the front wheels will normally be, because the Antara is actually a Fronttriebler. If drive electronics notices however a slip at the front axle, by hydraulic clutch the rear axle is connected. It can bring then up to 50% Kraft on the road.

Enter and drive off are thus the foreign exchange, no fummeligen automatic controllers or confusing
switch: There that all wheel is, if I should need him. Like that are rough crushed stone runways, hilly meadows and other light area rather in the Antara beneficial for the driving fun as any dynamic competitions. Also the clearance of class-usual 20 centimeters makes its contribution in addition.

Distance made

On the motorway the rüstige Rüsselsheimer with its travelling comfort pleases. It could already prove that on bad Geläuf, but on be enough-strained and with quick highway kilometers pair yourself it with pleasing little body varying. The steering element is laid out indirect, but obtains it a good Fahrbahnkontakt is pleasantly precise.

In close turns the chassis offers thus everything that one needs for brisk progressive movement. The engine shines here however by an unbalanced rating. The turbo puts actually only starting from 2.000 routes properly Brickets drauf. And no half revolution in former times. Because among them nothing at all does not do. If one accelerates thus with mountain ramp from a zigzag in the first course out, one should turn the engine to 4,000, in order to have in the following 2ten still the necessary torque, in order to accelerate further. On the other hand it should not be discreet that the turbo-hole of the 2-Liter of four-cylinder precipitates pleasantly small.

Motor alternatives

Whom the Punch of the Diesel is not enough, can seize still to the V6, which nevertheless offers 227 HP. These are however coupled to an easily unfashionable 5-Gang mechanism. And still ranks among the kind of the proverbial torque converters – even in the manual mode it destroys still engine performance.

That is unfortunate, because the engine can at numbers of revolutions above 3.000 the Antara properly steam make. OPEL indicates the Vmax as well 200 things. The engine sounds without importunately to become full of seeds, a typical V6 even.

To consumption is here only so much said: We did not reach the European Union values of 7,5 to 11.6 litres (2,0 cdti and 3,2 V6 on average) by far. Which on the one hand at the practice-far European Union cycle is and on the other hand because of our just as practice-far driving fashion.


The segment of the compact SUV is momentarily hot contests and it becomes still hotter: The three French manufacturers take the market on the grain, likewise Ford and VOLKSWAGEN. In addition there are the trendsetters of Toyota (RAV4) and country Rover (Freelander). So seen it is amazing that OPEL with the Antara does not set clearer own indications here in punkto Design or driving dynamics.

On the other hand the Antara makes its thing than family-suited leisure companion very tidy. There the all-wheel drive is, if one needs it and most Antara owners will continue to bring as this would assume. The interior offers on all seats tidy space conditions, operability is very good and the trunk is appropriate with 370 to 1,420 litres of the class.

As the purse OPEL regards still another 2.4 litre of four-cylinders (Benziner) ready as basis engine with 140 HP (starting from 26.850 euro). The 150-PS-Diesel (starting from 30.765 euro as 2,0 cdti ,,edition “) will place the lion’s share in the sales, gönnen during itself only few a Antara for 37.000 euro entrance price (3,2 V6 ,,Cosmo “) to become.

The surcharge list again is pleasantly short.

The Magic Key of Awakening Into Your Hidden Thoughts

MODE of Cosmic Therapy; Paying Attention to Your Particular Life

As you awoke this morning, prior to placing your feet on the floor, what was your distinguishable mood? More importantly: what was the very first word that lingered in your head? Notice, I did use the word ‘linger’ for a specific reason. The words which classify and organize conveyed thoughts do not just ‘pop’ in your head, they ‘linger’. All thoughts arise from within, waiting their time {so to speak} to make language of understanding audibly manifest. Every word is significant. The ideas conveyed are not randomly mismanaged jumbled up nonsense. They serve a purpose. [A very vital life-sustaining purpose] You are in dialogue with the Divine. You are carrying on a conversation with the deeper part of yourself (though not the deepest) and the more you begin to ‘take note’ of the celestial messages from within, the more peacefully accepting of your life’s events will you become.

Now, again I inquire: what was your specific mood prior to arising this morning? Do you know? Are you aware? Did it matter? Does it ever register with you? Or, did you simply deny the relevance offered leaving behind the single most important tone of the day along with the first word {message} delivered? That word {so sacred and secret} sets the toned theme for the adventures of your day. Every aspect will follow in suit of the mysterious sacred plot revealed. [Sort of like a trailer to an upcoming movie.] Will it be worth the time, interest and vested effort for you “pay attention” from this day forward? Is it worth your curious observance to see what’s really going on deep inside of you? Or do you blatantly choose to stay anxiously ‘on edge’, stressed out and irritable; rushed needlessly like a disenfranchised run away horse? Instead of your moods, being tossed around from pillar to post, anxious/angry not wanting to be disturbed without knowing why or how to slow or calm yourself down long enough to find out the source, you can become consciously aware.

You are the only one who knows how so driven by the need to accomplish something, go somewhere, do something, ‘be’ somebody, get ahead, you are. And, yet all the while you tend to forget you are running on a prefabricated automotive pilot of deeply ingrained conditioned “habit” without relent or recourse. The truth is: there’s no where to go, nothing to do, no place to be other than where you are this precise moment. {I say this statement not as a figure of speech but a glaring reality!} Pray tell me, who, what, when how and why would you ever think you could get ahead: ahead of your self, life, existence??? It’s the most perfect one you could ever have been given; designed specifically for your needs and desires.

You must have, at some time, “purposed in your heart” these matters – as Daniel did in the Lion’s Den. For in all possible reasonable investigation, what is the probable delegated reason you live? For what explanation could there be for the pieces of your life’s puzzle to have fallen into place in the precise manner they have? Just ponder for a moment how exquisitely intricate the personal pattern has dubiously unfolded. You must, also, have also considered the many “What ifs” “If only” and “I should haves” in the course of the winding ‘zig zag’ unfoldment of your specific life’s journey. [Such wasted unproductive meaningless chatter of self indulgence.] Nothing could, should, would or will be any different than what it is. This is it! This is as good as it gets, period!

You, as well as your perfectly orchestrated life, radiate a divine function each moment you breathe. You are not missing out on anything. It’s impossible. The fact that you are breathing indicates you possess a divine willful intent and along with that manifold intention, your inherent purpose resides. How could it be otherwise? You can not live another person’s life story nor can you emulate another’s path. [Ridiculous to believe and pointless to attempt] Remember and never forget: “Nobody can do you like you can do you!”

Back to the original ‘point’ of these particular admonishing words. Pay attention to your first thoughts in the morning prior to getting out of bed. Take the time to really, really hear them with interpretation. Just listen to the melody in which they bring you’re the song of your day’s interrelated circumstances. You sincerely are a very fun, vivacious, enthusiastic, interesting, vitally receptive and sacred sensual creature. Behold your existence in fullness.